Professional Life Coaching and
Consultation for Your Personal Life


We offer online life coaching, executive coaching and survival – strategy coaching.

online consulting and coaching

Online Coaching can help you achieve whatever you want or whatever needs to be done: End problems of living, reduce stress, resolve conflict, balance family and work life, improve personal relationships, adjust to change, enhance performance and effectiveness, advance your career, develop executive and relational skills, create your own business, increase survival competence, realize your dream.

Life Adjustment

These services address the stress and issues of daily life that arise at work, in the family and in various other situations. Effective problem-solving dissolves the impasse, frees up energy and allows you to move on. The objective is to clear the way for a stronger and better life.

Services aim to resolve:

    problems of living
    emotional distress
    personal, family, work conflicts and transitions

Executive Development

These services provide skill development for personal and professional life. Individualized consultation targets interpersonal and instrumental effectiveness in business, at work and in personal endeavors. The objective is to achieve success and satisfaction by getting things done.

Services aim to gain:

    enhanced operational, relational and strategic skills
    personal, social and professional effectiveness in entrepreneurial
    and organizational settings

Life Skills and Survival Training

These services shift to long-term life and survival issues, strategies of effective living, the utilization of innate resources and the power of personal mythology and mastery. The objective is to be healthy, potent and resilient by knowing how to live.

Services aim to achieve:

survival advantage
strategic positioning
personal destiny