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professional life coaching and consulting

I work with several professional colleagues and refer to them when issues are outside my area of expertise. The following information, including my photo on the home page, gives my biographical data and professional background.


A brief summary of my background involves a professional career of over 30 years in industrial research, trade, university education, public service, health care and business development as an executive, entrepreneur, consultant, psychotherapist and professor on an international basis. I have received my education both in Europe and the United States; I am a licensed psychologist and hold two doctoral degrees in the behavioral sciences. I did some of my training at the National Training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine and at the Tavistock Institute in London, England.

Additionally, I have had intensive studies in literature, philosophy, art and mythology. I have traveled worldwide including trips to Africa, Australia, Asia and South America. My personal interests include writing, filmmaking, theater, exotic travel, wild animals and human compassion. At an earlier time, I was a ski instructor, tour guide, pilot, taxi driver and carpenter. For a large part, I have lived on the boundary between cultures, countries and languages. My life has been shaped by a resilient action-philosophy. I have done many things and been many places. I have a great deal of experience with many issues of life.

Professional Associations

    American Psychological Association
    American Board of Administrative Psychology
    State of Washington, Health Department, Psychology License #650

Consulting and Coaching Fees

Consultation is charged on a fee for service basis. Fees range from $100.00 to $150.00 per hour of phone or online consultation, including email and fax support. An initial half hour of consultation is offered free of charge.

Charges for ongoing consulting and coaching services are processed on the first of each month.
Charges for the intake session or special services are payable at the time of service.

We accept checks, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Clients are responsible for placing all phone calls unless other arrangements are made. (Reduced long distance rates are widely available.)

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