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In addition to my private practice, I am establishing this online consultancy. This is a pioneering venture, an effort to reach more people and communicate experiences and insights I have gained over a lifetime. I want to share with you what I have learned. Perhaps some of it will give you ideas that you can use.

I make this website my voice. At any time, I am interested in your thoughts and your feedback. Contact me at rwfrolic@comcast.net

The materials in What’s New are from my new book about survival psychology and evolutionary intelligence™, – something we all possess.

Evolutionary IntelligenceFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Innovative Book Reveals a New Human Intelligence
Evolutionary Intelligence: An Inherent Survival Capacity

Tacoma, WA – September 1, 2004 – The ancestral hunter has never left. He survives in modern man – a hunter within. The scenario may have shifted from primal wilderness to the high-rise office of today but the demands for survival are as great as ever. This “hunter within” fully equips us for the survival issues of a complex, changing world: stress, job layoffs, bankruptcy, disease, death and divorce.

In a new book that revolutionizes how we look at our capacity to cope, a seasoned psychologist reveals that all humans are born with a natural survival intelligence.

According to Rolf Frohlich, man is equipped with two psychologies. One is the psychology that society has taught us. But another one – stronger, more effective, and far more reliable – is rooted in the human psyche. This second psychology is a result of countless millennia of evolution that our species has undergone since its hunting and gathering age. Frohlich terms this “evolutionary intelligence.” The survival experience of the human species since the prehistoric age is genetically encoded in our DNA. Survival is irreversibly marked into our psyche. Thus, the human mind has a genetic capacity for behavioral, mental, and spiritual adaptation.

Frohlich’s Evolutionary Intelligence is a groundbreaking book that brings together modern behavioral and biological sciences. Evolutionary Intelligence is an affirmation of the strength inherent in man.

About the Author
Rolf W. Frohlich is a licensed psychologist, business consultant, and personal coach in private practice. His professional background includes industrial research, international trade, university education, public service, health care, and business development as an executive, entrepreneur, consultant, psychotherapist, and professor. He holds two doctoral degrees in the behavioral sciences; in addition to his professional training, Dr. Frohlich has had extensive studies in literature, philosophy, art, and mythology. His personal interests include writing, film making, theater, exotic travel, wild animals, and human compassion. He has lived in Europe and the United States and has traveled worldwide.

Visit his Website: consult4life.com

Evolutionary Intelligence * By Rolf W. Frohlich
The Anatomy of Human Survival
Trade Paperback; $24.99; 420 pages; 1-4134-0954-7 * Cloth Hardback; $34.99; 420 pages; 1-4134-0955-5

The book was published by the Xlibris Corporation, Philadelphia. Xlibris is a strategic partner of Random House Ventures, LLC, and a subsidiary of Random House, Inc. Xlibris books can be purchased in any major bookstore, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders or Xlibris. For more information, contact Xlibris at (888) 795-4274 or on the web at http://www.Xlibris.com.

From “Evolutionary Intelligence – The Anatomy Of Human Survival”


According to ancient legend, the gods once pondered where to hide the true treasures of life to protect them from discovery and theft. They argued against ocean floors and mountaintops as hiding places. They even considered the center of the Earth and rejected it too. Finally, they decided to bury these treasures deep inside the human being, so that nobody would know and suspect where to look for them. We all carry within ourselves gifts beyond imagination—though they are mostly dormant and unknown.

The verification of these inner treasures and their existence came to me from a rather unexpected source. Through my work with suicide cases, I discovered that humans have innate powers and resources that sustain life and survival from within.

Our mental health clinic was across the street from the major city hospital. We received frequent referrals for people who had survived suicidal episodes and were now discharged from medical care. In therapy people related their feelings of guilt, anxiety, sadness and depression. They also revealed the inner dialogue that corroborated their mental status and the decision to end their lives.

I began to notice the socialized aspects of their personality and to understand how much these acquired instructions and injunctions constricted their psychological functioning, at times, with crippling effects. After that, therapy turned into a process of removing layer upon layer of social learning and cultural conditioning—not unlike peeling off the skins of an onion. Until one day, one moment, something remarkable happened, totally unexpected.

There was the emergence, first of energy, then power and vitality, paired with decisiveness and an intent for action—and with it, the will to live. At first, I did not realize what had happened. Yet from patient to patient the same thing seemed to repeat itself. Finally, I began to understand that there is something strong and vital inside the person—much stronger and more vital than the psychology that had failed them before. Gradually, I began to suspect that there are innate forces that sustain the survival of the individual. Once this power and wisdom began to emerge, people changed. They started to trust themselves and develop confidence in the newly found strength inside.

My own psychological training had made me aware of the influence of socialization on personality formation and of the difference between natural, authentic expression and social adjustment and conformity. Interestingly, socialization seems to take the fight out of us—the strength we need to survive.

The discovery of innate features and capabilities brought back what I had read about human instincts and human survival behavior in the works of the European ethologists. This information coupled with Freud’s concept of the life instinct began to shape a notion about the existence of an innate life force and survival capability we possess as a biological creature. The step from there to an interest in biological evolution and the evolutionary history of our species was short. My understanding of the origin and evolution of our species was deepened from travels to Kenya and Tanzania, and from my interest in anthropologist Louis Leakey’s human fossil research and in Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s work on the human archetypes. My personal interest has been to distill this information into a useful behavioral and mental concept that can help people live stronger and more effective lives.

It is usually the human intellect that is given the limelight to take center stage. There is no language grand enough to overstate the achievements of the human mind. However, this book puts the spotlight on the innate biological intelligence of human nature. This is the unschooled wisdom of our instincts and intuition. Throughout the book, the intellect remains mainly backstage, and there will be occasional critical comments when it overreaches and becomes counterproductive. Yet, the issue of reviewing our internal faculties is not to take sides and to prefer one over the other. It is rather a matter of balance and of aligning the various sources of our inner strength to best advantage. However, the book itself is about becoming acquainted with the lesser known evolutionary side of ourselves and its value for our lives.

I am aware of the historical controversy surrounding human nature and human instincts. But I have also felt that there is room for new understanding. Most people still fear they will unleash a demon when they uncover their innate human nature. Consequently, they never get close to appreciating the gifts nature has embedded in the human psyche.

There is, however, a caveat. Originally, the instincts came with constraints to curb their vital forces. Since modern civilization has mostly overruled these natural inhibitions, we now need a further evolution—the evolution of higher consciousness and morality to provide the controls for the instincts that nature had originally installed. This is both the opportunity and the challenge of human survival, both individually and as a species.


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